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Newtown Teachers Pres. Kuroski Testifies Before School Security Task Force

The Bipartisan Task Force On Gun Violence Prevention And Children's Safety held its School Security Subcommittee hearing Jan. 25 in Hartford. Newtown Federation of Teachers President Tom Kuroski testified before the subcommittee.

"As we continue to heal and to talk about the best ways to move our school district forward, it is imperative that we continue to keep lines of communications - between school administrators, teachers and parents - open and honest," said Kuroski. "I am encouraged by the spirit of cooperation evidenced over the past few weeks following a meeting between our union, schools superintendent Dr. Janet Robinson and school board chair Debbie Leidlein."

"Following the recommendations of the Newtown Federation of Teachers, the school board has given discretion to individual building leaders to reallocate time for Professional Learning Communities - time that was set aside to address curriculum development - to Professional healing Communities, that center around how best to serve the immediate and ongoing needs of teachers and staff as we, too, struggle to grapple with the aftermath of the Sandy Hook shootings," added Kuroski.

Because the subcommittee held strict time limits for testimony, written testimony went into greater detail about suggestions.

Click here for a copy of Tom's Oral Testimony.

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